Gay night out in Bangkok

So you’re going to Bangkok and you plan a big gay night out in the town. Sounds great. But let me tell you one thing. Nearly all of Bangkok is gay (and so is Thailand). That’s why you won’t find big gay villages in Bangkok like you would find in other big world cities of this size. Basically, they don’t need gay bars like we do in the west because gays are widely accepted and tolerated throughout the country so they don’t need that segregation. However, there are still some great gay venues throughout the city that cater mostly to foreigners because as I said earlier Thai gays are accepted anywhere and that is in all bars, despite that, here in this blog I will talk about the gay bars and nightclubs—where to go and where are the best places.

Where to go?

If you do a simple Google search “gay Bangkok” or read any guide book they will point you to Silom Soi 2 and Soi 4. So yes, these two spots could be called the gay centres of Bangkok. Soi 2 is a small alleyway with few bars while Soi 4 has bars and a nightclub but it’s more catered to dancing with DJ Station being the most popular gay nightclub in Bangkok. So these two areas are the gay areas of Bangkok—they are small, but they are fun. Below I am going to talk about each area or a nightclub plus other “non-gay” areas that are worth visiting.

Soi 2

Soi 2 is a rather little alleyway home to a handful of bars. They all close about midnight but it’s a good place to start your night out. They are not crazy dancing bars but you can meet fellow tourists, especially Asian gays from Japan, China and Korea. As I mentioned earlier, these gays places are not frequented by local gays, I mean you’ll see Thai guys there too, but most of them are there to get off with a foreigner or they like to dance to western music.

Soi 4

This is the most popular gay dancing venue in the whole of Bangkok and home to famous DJ Station nightclub. All bars and clubs in this alley close strictly at midnight. In order to get to Soi 4, make sure you carry your ID with you and you’re dressed presentable. They are quite strict on the door and I’ve seen bouncers refusing entry to some people.


This is a really famous gay nightclub in Bangkok and its abbreviation meaning is literally—Guys On Display. It’s a mere five minutes’ walk from Soi 4. This used to be a late Bangkok nightclub but with recent laws, G.O.D stays open only until around 3 am. G.O.D has generally more Thai guys in it and is known for its muscle guys and fit, generally, good looking crowd.

FAKE Nightclub

This is the place to go if you want to dance among the local Thai gay community and other Asian gay tourists mainly from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and Korea.

They also play Asian music so not much of a western music is played here, however you’ll have a great night if you don’t mind dancing to western music.

Now I will list areas that are not strictly gay in nature, however, very tolerant and many gays locals and tourist alike party regularly. These areas could also be called gay in western cities.


Okay, don’t go here if you don’t think you’d like the seedy side of Bangkok. This is where, prostitutes and all the ladyboys are dancing away in hotpants to western music in neon-lit GoGo bars also known as girlie bars. Most of the pubs and bars should shut at 12 but they stay open until wee hours playing toned-down music.

Khao San Road

This is the backpacker haven, mostly filled with Brits, Aussies and backpackers from all around the world. And at first, it might seem overwhelmingly straight, but it is a popular gay hangout for the locals as well as many of the gay backpackers.

So here I listed the main bars and areas where you can enjoy a fabulous gay night out. In fact, one of the best gay night out in the world. Don’t be put off by the lack of gay villages or abundance of gay nightclubs because trust me, Bangkok is probably the gayest city in the world. San Francisco or Amsterdam look like a wild west comparing to Bangkok. So any little dive bar, any little pub or a dingy nightclub will be tolerant towards gays.

But remember, never show affection in public. This is so very un-Thai and this rule applies to everyone, straight couples included. Don’t hold hands or kiss in public.

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