Photos proving that Kefalonia is paradise on earth

Kefalonia is probably my favourite Greek island. Wondering why? Because it’s just so fucking beautiful. Yes, it may lack the ancient ruins but what it lacks in historical relics it makes up for those paradise-like beaches, green mountains and that delicious Greek food. Even though Kefalonia being a popular island with German and British holidaymakers it can still feel very untouched and remote. Just look at my Instagram pictures and you’ll soon believe that Kefalonia really is paradise on earth.

Assos Village

This is what Greek island dreams are made of. Quite literally.

Myrtos Beach

Apparently, Myrtos Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Europe and I am not surprised it is. To reach the beach you either have to go with an organised tour or drive your car or moped. The beach is surrounded by massive white cliffs- pretty epic. Oh and the water, it’s so HD blue. I’ve never seen water this blue. Honestly.

Xi Beach

Xi Beach might not be the prettiest beach on the island but for me was one of the most interesting one. Here, the sand was red with okra cliffs in the background and I felt like I was somewhere in Namibia, not Greece.

Kefalonian mountains

Kefalonia is soooo hilly and mountainous.

The goats

Yes, the goats!

Antisamos Beach

Another Instagrammable beach.

More beach…

The island’s capital and its resident turtles



4 thoughts on “Photos proving that Kefalonia is paradise on earth

      1. That’s true and has very hospitable inhabitants. I just saw a video “searching for ancient Ithaka” that described that Kefalonia could have been the home of Odysseus. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


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