Thailand travel tips

Don’t pack a lot. There’s so much cheap and fashionable clothing in Thailand you’ll regret taking lots of clothes with you. Think of knock-offs Adidas tops to Puma sliders. They have everything.

Do make sure the taxi drivers are using meters. If they refuse, find another taxi. There are more taxis in Bangkok than there are actual passenger cars.

Do use the motorbike taxi in Bangkok. Looks dangerous but it’s an experience. Oh and I forgot to mention how cheap it is too.

Do buy spirits from 7/11 and take them to a bar where you’ll pay just for a corkage fee and mixers. If you don’t finish the whole bottle, they’ll put your name on a sticker so you can continue drinking it next day. Not all bars do this but most of the Thai bars will allow you to do that. That’s what Thais and expats do.

Do pack sun tanning lotions with you. Sun tanning lotions are much more expensive in Thailand and most often they contain whitening agents.

Don’t exchange your money at the airport. It’s an absolute rip-off! Use your debit or credit card instead and use ATM. Most often this is the best way to save money on exchange rates and stupid exchange fees.

Do withdraw larger sums of money because every time you use ATM in Thailand you get charged around 150bahts for withdrawing money.

Do pack a padlock with you. I heard some real horror stories of things going missing or being stolen at hostels so if you pack a padlock and you won’t use the hostels’ ones, you should avoid such accidents.

Don’t pack Imodium with you. It’s much cheaper to buy Imodium from 7/11 when you’re in Thailand. And trust me, you will need Imodium.

Do eat street food. I actually think street food in Thailand tastes better than restaurant food. I’m actually quite shocked at people who don’t eat street food. You’re missing out.

Do use the water hose when going to the loo. Actually, it’s much more hygienic than just using the toilet paper, but again this can be a subjective opinion.

Do pack some shoes for beaches! There are lots of dead corals and if you want to do trips like Maya Bay on Phi Phi there are chances you might be cutting your feet on dead corals. And dead corals are rather sharp nasty things!

Do bring photocopies of your passport and always have one on you.

Do learn some words in Thai! Thais will appreciate it and they might think you’re an expat too so you might not get ripped off as much.

Do check comparison websites if you want to travel down south or up north instead of taking a train or bus. Sometimes the flights can be cheaper than trains or buses.

Do drink local beers like Leo as they’re often the cheapest options comparing to Chang or Singha or other imported beer brands like Heineken.

Do book your accommodation in advance if you’re going to places like Koh Phi Phi or Phangan during the Full Moon Party.

Do you have more travel tips for Thailand that I missed out? Put them in the comments below, I’,m more than happy to hear your stories or tips.

Don’t book your ferries in advance or online. Just book them with local agents! They are by miles cheaper than anything online.

Don’t book your train tickets with local tourist agents but instead go to the train station yourself and buy tickets there. They will be cheaper. If it’s not convenient for you, do use the tourist agents, but never buy them online.

Hope this blog is helpful for everyone who is thinking of visiting Thailand. Some of the tips might seem scary but don’t be put off visiting this amazing country. It’s perfectly safe!

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