Best beaches in Kos

It’s been almost a year since I visited the Greek island of Kos, however, I haven’t posted most of the images on this blog nor have I written about Kos. Recently, I discovered Google Photos (and realised just how amazing this app is) and as I was flicking through my old photos I realised I haven’t shared most of the beach pictures with you. And being a beach bum myself, I was on the quest– visiting and spending my days on the best beaches in Kos. So here they are…

Kos Town Beach

I loved this beach. Although it had pebbles, and you would need some kind of flip flops or other footwear because it’s a tad painful to walk on rocks and tones, the sea was really calm and still. Perfect for swimming. I liked this beach because it had all the amenities you needed — restaurants, bars and shops.

Paradise Beach

This beach was probably the most beautiful beach of them all. Although very busy and kind of ruined by the hoards of tourists, this beach still had the best sands I have experienced on Kos. You would need a car or a moped to reach this beach as there are no towns or big resorts anywhere nearby.

Tigaki Beach

This where my hotel was based. It is a long beach and it’s sandy but there’s loads of this dried seaweed awash on the beach and in the surf. Despite that, the water is very clear and swimmable.


This beach is actually spectacular. The cliffs and the surrounding nature is amazing. Although it’s a pebbly beach, it makes up for the surroundings. Plus there is this hot pool where water smells of sulphur — where loads of tourists come to have a bath in the natural jacuzzi.

Kefalos Beach

Kefalos Beach is enormous. It has a mix of sand and pebbles (some bits are more sandy than others) and anything in between — there is another name for it — shingle. Anyway, Kefalos Beach is quite cool. It has loads of bars and restaurants but the most interesting thing about this beach for me were the ruins of the medieval chapel and the island that’s home to a little Orthodox Greek chapel. You can try your luck and swim to the island. But the swim is very difficult with some crazy currents and some seriously cold patches of water on the way. The swim is more difficult than it looks.

Kos is indeed a very touristy island with Germans, Brits and Scandinavians flocking to it every summer on their package holidays but it has a lot of history and some great beaches. You can easily avoid tourists, even in major tourist spots like Tigaki and Kefalos you can find your quiet spot.

Comparing to other Greek islands, it’s relatively flat ideal for cycling or riding a motorbike.

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