Reasons why I love Thailand

Okay, it’s not a secret. I bloody love the country. I can’t explain it, but I just love Thailand. I love Thailand so much I want to live in Thailand. So here I will give you a million reasons (well slightly less but if I had the time in the world I would probably list million reasons for sure) why I love this country so much.

No.1: People, people, people…

I generally avoid tourists even though I go to places like Phi Phi and Khao San Road that are swarmed with “farangs”. In fact, I never make friends with tourists, I always make friends with the locals. I simply love Thai people. Try making friends with Thais next time you go and you’ll undrestand.

No. 2: Party! Party!

Okay, it’s not a secret that I love a good party. In my opinion, Thailand has the best parties in the world. Yes, move over Ibiza! And I am not talking about Koh Phangan’s famous parties like Full Moon and Half Moon or Jungle Experience parties, yes they are great, but I am talking about regular parties that happen inside the nightlclubs tucked away in sois (small alleys) or even parties on Khao San. I like how down to earth they are, and even when they can play shitty music, everyone seems to have loads of fun.

No. 3: The scrumptious food

Oh yes, Thai food is fucking delicious, I’m dribbling now thinking about jim jum hotpot or som tam. Ahhhh, and Thai food is not all about curries, pad Thais and rice. Try their soups, grilled meats and seafoods, spicy salads…ahhh I could go on.

No. 4: Chang and Leo

Nothing beats a chilled bottle of Chang or Leo on a hot day. Nothing at all.

No. 5: Those monkeys

I love cats, and I am a cat person and I kind of aspire to be a “cat lady” when I grow old but boy, I do love monkeys.

No. 6: 7-11’s toasties

Yes, they are bloody brilliant when you start to miss western foods or some solid substances like bread.

No. 7: 7-11 in general

I just love the frigging shop. I can’t believe we haven’t got it in England, instead we have to be content with shites like Sainsbury’s or COOP. 7-11 is the TOP! You can get instant noodles and they make it for you, you can get yogurt or a cake and they give you a spoon, you can get alcohol and they open it for you, you can get toasties and burgers and they microwave it for you.

No. 8: The buckets

Need I say more? I love the buckets.

No. 9: Bangkok

Bangkok is my favourite thing about Thailand and it’s what I consider to be the greatest city on earth. Bangkok isn’t pretty as such, it’s not Paris or Rome, although temples are mesmerizing and breathtaking, but Bangkok is about people, smells (sometimes some really disgusting smells), food, nightlife, vibrancy and its rundown beauty, Bangkok is great because it has no limits- you can be whatever you want.

No. 10: The heat

Being English I am always prone to complain about the weather, and yes, I admit it, it can be too hot in Thailand, but I have to say I prefer the Thai heat to English dull weather. Give me the heat even with those monsoony tropical storms anyday!

No. 11: Cheap massages everywhere

Where else could you get an hour long complete Thai massage for less than £5? Well, in Bangkok. I found Bangkok massage prices to be the cheapest.

No. 12: SamSong mixed with Thai Red Bull

And this drink gives you wings. Quite literally.

No. 13: The beaches

Thai beaches are just soooooo beautiful. On the Anadaman side you get the impressive cliffs and emerald green waters while on the east side in the Gulf of Thailand you get those white sand beaches with coconut trees. Thai beaches are the best.

No. 14: Spaghetti in Tahiland taste better than Spaghetti in Italy

Yes, and I stand by this fact.

No. 15: This chocolate cake from 7-11

This chocolate cake is just delicious and makes a great calorie bomb for when you feel dizzy or too hungover.

No. 16: Taxis are affordable

Okay, not everywhere. Try getting a taxi in Koh Phangan. But in Bangkok or generally in the provinces they are dirty cheap and safe. Yes, sometimes they might not be using taxi meters but still just think how cheap taxis are in Thailand.

No. 17: And just because Thailand is simply dog’s bolocks!

Don’t believe me? Just visit and see for yourself, hah!

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